Custom writing

Most of my recent writing is custom articles for clients, particularly in the healthcare industry. The nature of this work is proprietary and I cannot provide samples; please contact me if you have questions or would like references for my work.

Academic research

Excerpt from master's portfolio

[...] Kathleen Blake Yancey’s call for multimodal curricula in the 2004 CCCC's address means that many composition instructors are trying to foster understanding of differing literacies and the spaces in which those literacies are appropriate. One key literacy is the Web. I’ll be clear: I do not propose that we replace a traditional research paper with a Web-based research paper altogether (although I am not totally against that idea, either); rather, I agree with Yancey, Jody Shipka, and others that we need to supplement traditional, “scholarly” research with critical Internet research methods.

Shipka suggests goal-driven, multimodal assignments where both the process and the work are generated by the students because it allows for creative expression, learning by doing, imagination, and—coming up, my favorite—exploration (290-291). To this end, I often lose the word “research” when we discuss research papers in favor of the word “exploration,” though “inquiry” is the more acceptable terminology. Nonetheless, telling students to “explore” frees them, I believe, from the confining, almost library-stacks claustrophobia feeling students seem to associate with the word “research.” [...]


Trifold brochure for local cabinet company  (PDF)

Trifold brochure for local cabinet company (PDF)

Brochure for Noble Creek Farm, a local wreath company  (PDF)

Brochure for Noble Creek Farm, a local wreath company (PDF)

Media writing

Features story for Walla Walla Union-Bulletin ( PDF )

Features story for Walla Walla Union-Bulletin (PDF)


It's not often you can say that it all started with a bar of soap.

But for Melvin Wheatley, 72, of College Place, a bar of soap in a junior high carving class became the beautiful hobby of relief carving in fine woods.

To say that soap was a catalyst might be misleading, since the talent lay latent for more than 40 years. But when Wheatley retired....

Work for Walla Walla University (formerly Walla Walla College)  (PDF)

Work for Walla Walla University (formerly Walla Walla College) (PDF)

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